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$25 three course tasting menu


Tasting menu available all season long.

Menus may vary depending on our crazy Michigan weather and our farmers ability to grow and
deliver what we need. We hope to see you soon, Chef Paul.


course one

chilled cucumber and dill
buttermilk, chives
celery, crème fraiche

flash fried
lemon garlic aioli
jalapeno vinaigrette

short rib taco
braised short rib
kimchi, ssamjang aioli
cilantro, pickled carrot slaw


course two

salt roasted beets, Werp farm greens
fresh berries, honey yogurt
salted walnuts, berry vinaigrette

Werp farm greens, dried cherries
buttermilk blue cheese
red wine vinaigrette
toasted pecans

course three

lake trout
treaty fish trout
basil beurre blanc, fingerlings
chardonnay steamed tomato

pickle brined, buttermilk fried
poached red skins, apple slaw
bourbon barbecue sauce

lamb rack
sweet and sour parsnip relish
root vegetable hash
garlicky beet greens