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Dinner Menu

Chef Paul and his team are happy to bring you a menu that showcases local food and a wine list with producers who respect artisanal techniques. In an effort to compliment our local winemakers, you are now welcome to bring your own bottle of wine to dinner ($15 corkage fee applies). We look forward to seeing you soon.


Summer Menu



small plates

soup 7
chilled cucumber and dill
buttermilk, chives
celery, crème fraiche


cauliflower 9
flash fried
lemon garlic aioli
jalapeno vinaigrette


ravioli 11
goat cheese and spinach
curried lamb ragout
parsley, chives


risotto 10
fava beans, pea shoots
oyster mushroom
Leelanau raclette cheese


short rib tacos 9
braised short rib
kimchi, ssamjang aioli
cilantro, pickled carrot slaw



rabbit 10
warm rabbit confit
baby kale, navy beans
roasted veg, verjus vinaigrette


beets 9
salt roasted beets, werp greens
fresh berries, honey yogurt
salted walnuts, berry vinaigrette


lamb 10
slow roasted lamb shoulder
shredded kale, brussels sprouts
gremolata, toasted quinoa
pickled onion, feta cheese


mission 7
Werp farm greens, dried cherries
buttermilk blue cheese
red wine vinaigrette
toasted pecans


steak 15
marinated flat iron
kale, red cabbage
radish, pickled fennel and ginger
cilantro, tequila vinaigrette




lake trout 26
treaty fish trout
basil beurre blanc, fingerlings
chardonnay steamed tomato


scallops 32
farro risotto
pickled radish and carrot
microgreen salad


pork 27
Devries bone in chop
poached redskins, glazed onions
figs, pancetta brown butter
toasted pine nuts


chicken 24
pickle brined, buttermilk fried
poached red skins, apple slaw
bourbon barbecue sauce


vegetarian lasagna 18
summer squash, zucchini
eggplant, house marinara
mozzarella, parmesan
toasted baguette




beef 37
RR ranch
all natural filet mignon
new potato mash
blistered asparagus
demi glace


lamb rack 29
sweet and sour parsnip relish
root vegetable hash
garlicky beet greens


mission burger 18
michigan beef, raclette cheese
local tomato, garlic dijonaise
bacon marmalade, truffle fries


loma grain bowl 22
loma farm seasonal vegetables
grains, ask for today’s selection



blistered asparagus 6


new potato mash 5


olive oil poached chicken breast
added to a salad 4